The Philippines Embassy in Timor-Leste wishes to inform all Filipinos that the TIMOR-LESTE Government, through the Council of Ministers, has passed and adopt a RESOLUTION:


   to implement temporary measures to interdict and restrict the entry of foreign nationals who have been in or transited through the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, the Italian Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran in the last four (4) weeks; and


   to implement a temporary measure imposing a mandatory quarantine of fourteen (14) days for all foreign nationals who have arrived in all entry points of Timor-Leste coming from China, South Korea, Italy and Iran and refuse to travel back to his/her ports or airports of origin.


The RESOLUTION will take effect from the date of approval (11 March 2020) and will be subject to two (2) weeks periodical review by the Council of Ministers.